Saturday, 20 July 2013

MUA Make Up Academy Clear Mascara Shade 1

Hello there beautiful! Isn't this sunshine just delicious? The heat is amazing! The only down side is it's far too warm to have a face full of cosmetics. I've been enjoying looking and trying very natural looking, multi use and light wearing products to try and look pretty in the sun. I have completely avoided all of my black mascaras and eye brow pencils as I feel that those types of products sit really heavy on me and they always seem to smudge or run when the temperature gets turned up. That's where this Lovely little MUA mascara comes in.

I picked up this mascara from Superdrug for just £1.00 and have used it every day in the heat as a mascara and brow tidy. For me its more of a placebo as a mascara, it makes you feel like you aren't bare faced but gives that naked appearance, it doesn't do much to lashes (other than neaten and maybe thicken a little?) but it really excels as a brow tidy. If you have thick and un-ruely eyebrows you NEED this mascara. It keeps brows in place all day long. It looks completely transparent so its extremely natural looking. Ideal for the beach or pool where you don't want black or brown smudges on your face. 

To summarise, Very in expensive, dual purpose, great on brows. A summer must. 

Have you been looking for sun proof cosmetics? 

Much Love

Friday, 19 July 2013

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner

Hello lovelies, If you haven't used Aussie Miracle then where have you been? This has been my staple hair care product for YEARS now and it has never failed me yet.

As you can see the squirty bottle is very nicely designed. The pump distributes the product thoroughly. The instructions are clear and easy to read, and the list of ingredients is just magical. I'm not exaggerating, who ever made this formula hit the jackpot as it really does smell amazing. What's more,  the smell actually clings to your hair so as you swish it you and those around you get to smell the lovely fragrance.

I'll always remember the night of my first date with my boyfriend and how terribly un-organised I was. I left myself 30 minutes to shower, change, brush my teeth, make up and do all the other pre first date things us women do, only on stepping into his car, I remembered I had completely forgot to put on any deodorant or perfume. Me personally, I was instantly concious of it and was really relieved when he said I smelled nice and asked what had I put in my hair. I don't know why I shared that useless piece of personal information BUT is suppose it shows that If you do have a first date or want to smell nice in a hurry, this is what you need.

Aside from the fragrance, This product works wonders. I spray liberal amounts into my bleached- straw like- thick hair and it really transforms my locks. The ends feel softer and less brittle, my hair always has a shine to it and I find my hair has a lot more strength after prolonged use. It works brilliantly as a detangler and really reduces snagging. I used to have really long hair and I always used this product so In my quest to grow my hair after my countless cuts and colours this is my go to product, (This and Moroccanoil). It doesn't weigh down your hair and there is no worry about Aussie making your hair feel greasy.

Aussie Miracle is retailing in Boots at the minute for £4.49, so Its great value for money. If you buy in boots too, They usually have a special offer on for 3 for 2 and If you have an advantage card you can collect points too.

Anyone else love this? Or have an alternate must have fave leave in conditioner?

Much Love

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

ELF Eyes Lips Face Lipsticks & Swatches

Hello Dolls, Hope you are well and enjoying the glorious sunshine! Today's post is about my ELF lipsticks. I'm not going to ramble on forever about them because they don't really need me to. To put it quite simply: Great lipsticks that have good longevity, nice range of colours, all very matte with a slight shine and feel moisturising. To top that off the cost just £1.50 each. 

Here's the colours I have in my collection. 

(From L-R: Fantasy, Seductive, Gypsy, Sociable, Flirtatious, Fearless)

These lipsticks are one of my favourite budget buys, I have all of these six for just over half the price tag of a trusty MAC. 

Anyone else use ELF lipsticks?

Much Love

Monday, 15 July 2013

My Vitamin: True Woman, Hair, Skin & Nails.*

Hello dolls hope you are well. I've been so busy lately I feel like I have barely had time to breathe. I finally have keys to our first family home and things are well under way, we are having a new kitchen fitted, walls removed, garden landscaped. We need to do pretty much everything you can think of to get the house to look and feel like a home, our home. To add an extra job to the HUGE to do list I have my beautiful little boy has had a little growth spurt too, he no longer fits in his 6-9 month clothes so I have had to go out and buy him a new wardrobe. (Yes, he is just over 6 months but I'm 5 Foot 9 and a half and his daddy is easily 6 foot 3 so he is going to be a tall boy!). Anyway, less of the rambling, I do tend to do that a lot and sometimes forget to get to the point so here goes....


My vitamins is a really amazing supplement brand that launched in the summer of 2012. They offer a simplistic approach to buying vitamins and minerals on line. The brand have really spent time with their website  and the on line store is very easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye and the facts and details about each individual product are clear and easy to read. There's a really wide range of products too so something for every one. 

For me, beauty isn't just hair, skin, nails, but it's a good place to start. When you think about all of the products and elements we abuse our selves with, nail varnish, acetone, acrylics, hairspray, dye, straighteners, blow dryers, make up, pollution, dust, dirt, it's easy to understand why we can sometimes look and feel like we have endured a little wear and tear. I feel that it's really important to have good foundations to work with. If we are healthy and strong on the inside it reflects on the outside. Why not give our hair, skin and nails a little extra support and care? 

When I read the description of True Woman Hair Skin and Nails I new I needed to see if the product lived up to its expectations. My Vitamins notes that "True Woman Hair, Skin Nails is a definitive blend of ingredients crafted to support the body with fundamental nutrients to benefit the health of hair, skin and nails. This unique formula incorporates vitamins, minerals and other crucial nutrients that contribute towards everyday health. True Woman Hair, Skin and Nails is a great choice for women who want to maintain a healthy appearance. True Woman Hair, Skin & Nails also contains mixed Carotenoids, which has been known to help enhance tanned skin." Sounds like my kinda vitamin.


When The Supplement arrived I was really  happy with the packaging, I liked that it wasn't in a medication like tablet box. The foil packet makes it feel more like a health food, foiled of freshness. The packet is resealable and very easy to store. Unfortunately for me, the tablets were a tad on the chunky side, of all of the tablets I have taken during my 24 years, these were the most difficult to swallow. If you are willing to set that aside and want to take a supplement then these are worth it. 

I compared the ingredients list to that of a another brand and they are almost identical, the only difference is you don't have the huge price tag that accompanies the competition. (Yes Perfectil, I mean you, You and your £19.99 price tag  in boots for just 28!). My Vitamins retail their product at just £4.99 for 30. It certainly makes me wonder if we sometimes pay for a brand name and nothing else? 

I've used True Woman now for around three weeks. My hair looks glossier and my complexion has cleared. This may just be a coincidence as I have been taking more care of those two lately but, there is no mistaking the improvement to my nails. I usually find I get pesky little white spots under my nail if I give them a little knock or bang, I haven't noticed a single imperfection (apart from those I already had) and I'd usually expect new white spots where the old have grown out, so they have undoubtedly helped strengthen my nails. I do find that my nails chip and peel less too. 

What's not to like? If you take a vitamin try these for a change, could save you A LOT of money and achieve the same results. beauty is based on good foundations so why not introduce a supplement to your balanced diet to see if you notice any change. Check out the My Vitamin range at

Do you take any supplements?
Much Love

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Simple Kind To Lips Essential Lip Balm SPF 15

Hi! Hope you are enjoying the sun! It feels like such a long time since we have had weather worthy of calling Summer. I'm really loving the warmth but my little one is having a hard time of it. Its just too hot and clammy for babies and he doesn't know where he wants to be. I've got him lathered in factor 50 and stripped to a baby grow. If it stays sunny for the next few days, I'm going to buy a paddling pool for him, try and let him get some pleasure from the sun.

I think its really important to pay attention to SPF in the sun and to always wear protection. It can be so easy to burn and peel and really there is no reason at all we should put ourselves through the pain and hassle. One place that I can easily forget about and neglect in the sun is my lips. I noticed that I had a tube of Simple's new Kind To Lips Essential Lip Balm. I don't know how I came by this product, Not sure If it was something I bought or If it was a sample; I just can't remember to be honest. I'm not sure of the exact retail price but these are going on sale in ASDA, Tesco, Boots and Superdrug. 

The Packaging is really quite nice, Its fresh and clean. I love the combination of white and greens  as the white feels clean and green has a natural leafy feeling to it. Simple's packaging has always been one of my drug store favourites as far as skin care is concerned. The instructions and ingredients are clear and easy to read.

This Lip Balm isn't the best that I've ever used. I loved Figs and Rouge Rambling Rose Balm, but having said that, it's the best lip balm I've used in warm weather. It feels nice and moisturising, helping lips feel smooth. The formula is nice so its creamy but not tacky enough to run with heat. It has good longevity, lips feel nice and comfortable for hours. Its ideal for lips that have already dried too, as it helps restore your pout back to its former kissable glory, whilst preventing further damage with the SPF 15. 

The casing is very functional and the balm feels secure. Nothing worse than applying a tad pressure to a balm and it snapping off. There is a adequate amount of product tucked away in the tube and as you only seem to use the tiniest slick to do the job, Its going to last a long time. I've found It even helps lip stick stay in place better when used as a base. 

To summarize: A really great lipstick that has a space in every handbag. Universal so could be used by all the family. Only down side is I'm yet to see this product in my local shops. I'm going to the metro centre tomorrow (Well today to you lot, this post is scheduled a day in advance), so hopefully I will see it on shelves there. If not and you do want to try this keep an eye on the Simple website for updates.

What do you use to protect your lips in the sun? Do you use a high or low SPF?

Much Love

Monday, 8 July 2013

Stila Convertible Colour Trio In Warm

Hello there beautiful. I feel like I have been really neglecting you guys, I tried to schedule a few posts but didn't get to do as many as I'd like and unfortunately my life is rather hectic at the moment (This next little chunk is a ramble of why I'm so busy!). When I found out I was pregnant with my little boy, it was a HUGE shock. I was told it would be almost impossible for me to conceive without fertility treatment, so as you can imagine being in a warm trusting relationship, contraception was the least of my worries. After a trip to the doctors (Where I expected to be told I'd need an operation on my ovaries) I was told I was pregnant. I was so shocked, excited and amazed that it was actually happening to me. As much as we all wanted my baby, If we'd have known, we would have planned a little ahead. At the minute I still live at home with family with my baby and my better half lives at home with his family too. Its really nice having support from my family but we do now need our own space as our own new family. Now this is where my time is currently going, After spending unreal amounts of time looking for the perfect home we have finally found it. So now I'm arranging what work needs doing, decor, appliances and so on. So if I'm a little slower with posts, I do apologise! I still love you all and adore writing. 

I've been eyeing up the infamous Convertible Colours by Stila for quite some time, but always spent too much time um-ing and ah-ing over which shade to buy. That is, until a couple of weeks ago when I heard about their trio palettes and just knew that I had to own one. There are two palettes available, 'Cool' and 'Warm', each consisting of three shades - two classic favourites and one exclusive, limited edition shade. Perfect for an indecisive girl like me! After a little to-ing and fro-ing between which palette to buy, I settled with Warm. 

Gerbera and Camellia are the classic shades and Honeysuckle is the limited edition shade. All of the colours would work really well with all skin tones. My skin is looking slightly warmer this summer so this palette is just perfect for me. Although I do prefer Gerbera Myself! The palette is dual purpose and although the colours work exceptionally well on the lip, Its as a blusher where they really excel. The formula is very creamy and glossy and it's really well pigmented. You can wear it for a sheer and natural look or really build up a strong colour if you so desire. The product applies like a dream. It looks really pretty applied using fingers or I use my Real Techniques Lip or Stippling Brushes to achieve a perfectly polished look.  

The Packaging is nice too. The purple box is amazingly pretty and i can't bring myself to discard it so i keep my palette safe in that. the palette is cased in nice shiny black plastic and the set has a mirror to which is incredibly handy. The products smell really nice and the products last for a decent amount of time on the skin. once applied the blush lasts all day, the lips do need a touch up though as to be expected. 

(L-R, Gebera, Camellia, Honeysuckle) 

I have found that these colours seem to last forever, so as far as value for money goes, I don't see any reason why this palette wouldn't last over a year of everyday use. I'm now exceptionally tempted to purchase the cool palette too. The palettes are a steal at the price of £23.00, especially considering you receive three shades and a single Stila shade costs £16.00. I bought mine from Feel Unique. To summarise, really pretty colours, wearable, versatile and great value for money. If you need a new blush or are after a new lip product, I'd highly recommend that you give one of these palettes a try, you wont be disappointed. Do you love Stila products? What is your favourite?Much Love Amy xoxo

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Hi there and thanks for stopping by to look at today's post. I've had this Model Co Fibre Lashxtend mascara for quite some time now, If I remember rightly it was a Christmas gift but until recently, I barely used it. It was only when a magazine gave a free sample of it and a few blog reviews appeared that I decided to get mine out of hibernation and get some pleasure from it. 

I can't deny that this is a good mascara, It does apply really well and doesn't go clumpy. It gives the appearance of longer fuller lashes. Its water resistant yet removes easily. The colour is nice, it suits all eye colours. The consistency and the formula are perfect. It's just so darn costly. Give me this mascara for under £20.00 and it would be my new favourite. 

I really cannot justify paying £28.00 for a mascara, even the mascaras that claim to be miracle workers. There is no way on earth that a mascara can literally lengthen or add volume to lashes, its just an illusion. For me in order for me to pay over the odds for a mascara, it has to have a really brilliant brush (that reaches all lashes even those little weeny ones in the corners), it must be a good formula that doesn't clump yet is thick enough to look full, it has to have a decent life span, have a pretty packet. The closest I've found that ticks all of those boxes is benefits they're real. and that's at a snip of the price compared to this. 

The only saving grace for Model Co is they have a really handy little mirror on the side of the tube which helps application on the go. I will be using this mascara up, if I go to a festival or on a night out it will be my go to product. Just simply because of the mirror. I wouldn't complain if I received it as a gift again, but wont be saving pennies for it. 

How much is your limit for a mascara? Do you use Model Co products? Which ones? 

Much Love